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心理健康分为许多不同的类别,在这篇作业中,我将重点关注人们如何处理他们的心理健康疾病,并研究不同的治疗方法如何为那些需要帮助和支持的人提供帮助和支持。在整个作业中,我将涵盖从业人员提供的不同方法,以及这些方法对客户的好处和坏处。我还将研究目前有哪些政策以及这些政策的用途。最后,我将谈谈其他也提供支持的服务,如慈善机构。我要讲的精神健康话题是抑郁症。抑郁不仅仅是感到悲伤或不开心,尽管这些症状很常见,并且出现在大多数形式的抑郁中。抑郁症是一种医学疾病,如果没有正确的帮助,它可能是一种持续的疾病。抑郁症有不同的表现形式,许多患有轻度抑郁症的人可能只是觉得自己情绪低落。轻度抑郁症是最常见的形式,可能让人感觉有时低下来,但是通常不会影响他们的日常生活和他们仍然能够完成日常任务但是如果得不到及时的治疗这可以引发抑郁症,因此可以对日常生活的影响。人们挣扎着离开家,甚至挣扎着起床。(Mind, 2013)抑郁症有很多种类型,人们可能只患有一种类型,其他人可能患有多种类型的抑郁症。最常见的抑郁症类型是重度抑郁症、忧郁症、精神病性抑郁症和产前产后抑郁症。所有这些都会在大部分时间影响你,如果不及时治疗,人们几乎每天都会遭受痛苦。(beyondblue,2018)在英国,四分之一的人有某种形式的心理健康问题,六分之一的英国人有抑郁症等常见心理健康问题。
 Mental health stems into many different categories, in this assignment I will be focusing on how people tackle their mental health illnesses and examining how different treatment approaches offer help and support to those who need it. Throughout this assignment I will be covering different approaches practitioners offer and the benefits and disadvantages these have on their clients. I will also be looking at what policies are currently available and the uses of these and finally I will talk about the other services out there which also offer support such as charities.The mental health topic I am going to be focusing on is depression. Depression Is more than just feeling sad or unhappy although these symptoms are very common and appear in most forms of depression. Depressions is a medical illness which without the correct help can be an ongoing illness. Depression comes in different forms and many individuals who suffer with mild depression may just think they are having low days. Mild depression is the most common form and may leave people feeling down and low at times however usually doesn’t affect their everyday life and they are still able to complete day to day tasks however if this goes untreated this can then trigger major depression and can therefore start to take effect on everyday life. People struggle to leave their home or even get out of bed. (Mind, 2013) There are many types of depression and people may only suffer one type and others may suffer varied types of depression. The most common types of depression are major depression, melancholia, psychotic depression and antenatal and postnatal depression. All of these affect you most of the time and people can suffer nearly every day if left untreated. (beyondblue,2018) In the UK 1 in 4 people experience a mental health problem of some form and 1 in 6 people in England have suffered with common mental health problems such as depression. 
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