阿德莱德assignment代写 客户端和疗法

2020-06-16 01:00

阿德莱德assignment代写 客户端和疗法
In our (client and therapy) first meeting known as assessment session /information gathering session this is an information gathering stage and at this session everything about the therapy was explained to Jenny, (Client) how long the session is going to be and she was informed that everything we are going to discuss in the session remain confidential except if I think that she is likely to harm herself or someone else, then I might feel it necessary to break confidentiality. I also put in place and observed the core condition of acceptance, congruence, empathy resilience, good counselling skills and integrity. This initial session is to help Jenny ( client ) in identifying, clarifying the problems and dictating the best method to deal with the issues/ problems and this is achieved through characteristics and potential of Jenny (client) by using self –reporting techniques, observations and test, bearing in mind that a good therapeutic relationship has become an important focus for therapist from different schools (Bateman2002), also therapeutic relationships are the very hub around which all else revolves. Clarkson (2003) suggest that the process of psychotherapy involves a multiplicity of relationships, including the working alliance, transference/counter transference, person to person relationship and the transpersonal relationship. However Jenny (client) was made to understand that she is a co therapist where two of us need to work together to achieve a potential goal and her co-operation is highly important and needed for an effective result (i.e. attending  therapy sessions, listening and putting in practice the agreed  rules) she was made to understand what therapy is and having demonstrated a good therapeutic relationship between both of us which is the main focus of the therapy and the avenue through which the therapy works,  I was actively involved for it is very important in therapy , this is because it will help both of us to explore on the problems/issues, finding out where she is stuck and what she has done to get unstuck and gaining greater understanding looking at what need to be changed and what to do to achieve the changes, also it is at this time both of us tends to see if there is good therapeutic relationship that between us.
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