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2020-02-05 22:05

与真正的领导力相比,人们会发现负责任和真正的领导力都注重对自己的真实。有责任感的领导者,也致力于培养他人的情感和价值观。这两种领导风格的目标都是积极的组织成果,但是负责任的领导寻求通过企业和社会的利益相关者贡献价值和社会资本,最终目标是积极的社会变革。负责任的领导理念创造了自我和真实性的概念(Pless & Maak, 2011)。这可能有助于创建更人性化的组织。在退伍军人管理局的医疗保健系统(VAHCS)工作给了我们很多机会去了解各种类型的领导,以及他们的缺乏。有许多人已经掌握了这项技能,并有大量的追随者。交易型领导者期望的一个例子是全员工调查(AES)。这是一项每年都会进行的工作场所员工调查,对该机构在国家退伍军人管理局体系中的整体地位产生了重大影响。在2017财年,人们的反应令人沮丧。116名员工中有32名接受了调查。服务主任R博士在每月的服务会议上通知了利益相关者。他们被告知期望,他们会登录,填写人口统计信息,然后回答关于他们对各自工作环境和主管的看法的问题。尽管调查是匿名的,员工们还是觉得不安全。这项调查有几个问题,可以很容易地找出被调查者。他们关心自己的生计,害怕遭到报复。当然,只有32人填写了调查问卷。FY17中,服务主管表现出交易型领导,甚至是放手型或放任型领导。他告诉他们的职责,什么是他们的期望,仅此而已。设施因代表人数少而受到损害。
澳洲堪培拉作业代写 领导力
When compared to authentic leadership, one finds both responsible and authentic leadership focus on being true to oneself. Responsible leaders, also aim to develop of sense of others’ emotions and values. Both leadership styles aim for positive organizational outcomes, but responsible leadership seeks to contribute value and social capital by stakeholders in business and society, with the ultimate goal of positive social change. The idea of responsible leadership creates a concept of self and authenticity (Pless & Maak, 2011). This may work to help create more humane organizations. Working in a Veteran’s Administration Health Care System (VAHCS) gives many opportunities to see all types of leadership, and lack thereof. There are many who have mastered the skill, and have followers galore. One example of the expectations of transactional leaders, is the All Employee Survey (AES). It is a workplace employee survey, which is given every year, and has a big impact on the facility’s overall standing in the national Veteran Administration system. In fiscal year 2017, the response was dismal. The surgical service had 32 respondents out of 116 employees. The service chief, Dr. R, informed the stakeholders at the monthly service meeting. They were told of the expectation, they would log on, fill in their demographic information, then answer the questions regarding their opinions of their respective work environment, and supervisors. Despite the “anonymity” of the survey, the employees felt unsafe. The survey has several questions which would make identifying the respondent easy. They were concerned for their livelihood, and feared retribution. So of course, only 32 people filled out the survey. For FY17, the service chief exhibited transactional leadership, and even hands off or Lassiez Faire leadership . He informed them of their duties, and what was expected of them, and nothing more. The facility suffered as a result of the poor representation.
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