澳洲堪培拉心理学assignment代写 社交活动

2020-06-25 20:32

澳洲堪培拉心理学assignment代写 社交活动
Mr. King works full-time but holds little to no social activities outside of work. He continues to articulate feelings of low mood, hopelessness, an incapable to enjoy things, insomnia, fatigue, difficulties concentrating and difficulties making decisions. He shared suicidal thoughts which took place several months back but denies current suicidal thoughts. Mr. King reports he consumes alcoholic beverages occasionally and does not utilize illicit drugs.Mr. King had an unusually strong smell of bleach. Mr. King spoke about anxiety relating to the possibility of contracting diseases and has a focus on human immune deficiency virus, HIV.Due to his concern towards contracting HIV, Mr. King said he tries to evade touching anything outside his house. If he comes into contact or proximity to anything, he deems potentially contaminated, he said he must wash his hands continually with domestic bleach. He said he washes his hands up to 30 times per day, therefore spending hours per day on his routine.Mr. King articulated the trouble with physical contact, including taking public transportation and grocery shopping. He expresses he has virtually totally given up on trying to socialize or engage in romantic relations.When inquired as to additional uncertainties, Mr. King conveyed apprehension involving intrusive images of hitting someone; fear of being identified as an offensive or inaccurate, and fears of disturbing his neighbors.  To counteract his anxiety, he has stated his methods include keeping diaries or journals to record what he says, often apologizing for fear of sounding offensive, he also stated that he maintains an exact maximum level for water in the tub when he bathes so that he does not flood his neighbors.He performs very well at work; where he wears gloves. He has no medical problems and spends much of his free time at home. His seclusion or homebody disposition is from the stress of having to touch something if invited to socialize. 
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