代写澳大利亚历史assignment 防御工事设计

2020-02-15 02:20

加拉索·阿尔吉西·达·卡尔皮是一位军事和民用建筑师。他强调,防御工事的实现从来没有先于它在纸上的设计,因为错误更容易看到和纠正时,图形表示在媒体上,如纸。在他完成的作品中,建筑线条往往占主导地位,仿佛是在重申绘画过程(图4)。在Girolamo Cataneo的作品中也可以发现类似的素描质量(图5),线条的不精确质量,整体形式的不对称性,设计的迭代进展都表达了同样的思想。Alghisi的观点是一个例子,是早期现代欧洲图形革命的结果——新的表现技术和形式在艺术、制图学、印刷和其他许多领域中扩散。这些符号和符号系统不仅赞助了其他文化、社会、经济和政治的变化,而且还产生了一种精神上的转变,这种转变隐含在绘画的采用中。专门从事防御工事的机构对新建筑的经济效益产生了浓厚的兴趣。与理想堡垒的一般情况相反,当一个前提需要加强时,必须特别注意一个地方对一个国家的重要性;如果只是为了保卫进入一个国家的门槛,那么门槛不必很大;如果是为了促进和保护贸易,它应该是大而宽敞的;街道要宽阔,建筑物要整齐。防御工事取决于一个国家拥有的资金。工程师不能在他的工程上节省开支,无论是在工程数量上还是在建造费用上。
代写澳大利亚历史assignment 防御工事设计
Galasso Alghisi da Carpi was a military and civil architect. He urges that the realization of fortification never precedes its design on paper[6], for errors are easier to see and correct when represented graphically on a media like paper. Construction lines often prevails in his finished works as if they are meant to reiterate the drawing process (fig.4). Similar sketchy quality can also be found in Girolamo Cataneo’s works (fig.5), where the imprecise quality of the lines, the asymmetry of the overall form, the iterative progression of the design all speak to the same idea. Alghisi’s argument is an example and a result of the graphic revolution in early modern Europe – new representational techniques and forms proliferated in arts, cartography, printing, and many others. These notational and symbol systems not only sponsored other cultural, social, economic, and political changes, but also produced a shift in mental attitudes that were implicit in the adoption of the drawing.The institutions that specialized in fortifications grew interests in the economy of new constructions. Contrary to the generic context of an ideal fortress, when a premise is to be fortified, particular care must be taken to the significance a place to a nation; if it is only to guard a threshold into a country, it need not be large; if it is to promote and protect trade, it should be large and commodious; the streets shall be wide and buildings regular. The fortification shall depend on the funds a nation possesses. Engineer cannot spare in his works, both in the number of his works and to the expense in construction.
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