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2020-02-21 14:45

很多人都不知道民法是什么,像朱迪法官这样的电视节目就展示了一些简单的民法案例。当事人之间的纠纷或对个人或其他私人的不满属于民法范畴,例如个人与企业之间的违约。这些案件由私人当事人或原告对被告提起诉讼,由法官主持,有些案件可能涉及陪审团。要打赢民事案件,原告必须根据充分的证据确定被告的责任;被告没有权利得到与刑事被告相同的法律保护,这类案件的惩罚在这些案件中几乎总是涉及金钱奖励,而从不包括监禁。(Duignan, 2018)。电视为刑事法庭系统创造了一把双刃剑,像《法律与秩序》这样的电视节目向我们展示了捉拿坏人是多么的迅速和容易。刑法是针对公众的犯罪,谋杀就是一个例子(Duignan, 2018)。在刑事案件中,只有联邦政府或州政府或换句话说,控方可以对被告提起诉讼;这些案件几乎都是由陪审团裁决的;严重罪行的惩罚通常包括监禁,但也可能包括向政府支付罚款;为确保定罪,控方必须在毫无合理怀疑的情况下确定被告的罪行;被告不受警察或检察官侵犯其宪法权利的行为的保护,这些权利包括反对第四修正案中不合理搜查和扣押的权利和第五修正案中反对强迫自证其罪的权利.
澳洲莫纳什law代写 民法
Many people do not have a clue about what civil law is about, television shows like Judge Judy show simple examples of civil law cases.  An issue between parties or grievance to an individual or other private party is a civil law, an example is a breach of contract between an individual and business.  These cases are filed by a private party or plaintiff against a defendant, presided over by a judge, some cases may involve juries.  To win a civil case, the plaintiff must establish the defendant’s liability only according to the preponderance of evidence; and defendants are not entitled to the same legal protections as are the criminally accused These types of cases Punishment in these cases almost always involves a monetary award and never consists of imprisonment.  (Duignan, 2018).  Preponderance of evidence is the more convincing evidence and its probable truth or accuracy, and not on the amount of evidence .Television has created a double edge sword for the criminal court system, shows like Law and Order show how quick and easy it is to get the bad guy.  Criminal law is a crime against the public an example is murder (Duignan, 2018).  In criminal cases, only the federal or a state government or in other words the prosecution may initiate a case against a defendant; these cases are almost always decided by a jury; punishment for serious charges often consists of imprisonment but may also include a fine paid to the government; to secure conviction, the prosecution must establish the guilt of the defendant beyond a reasonable doubt; and defendants are protected against conduct by police or prosecutors which violates their constitutional rights, including the right against the Fourth Amendment of unreasonable searches and seizures and the Fifth Amendment the right against compelled self-incrimination 
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