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2020-07-01 21:08

Harrods是世界上最大最具标志性的百货公司之一,由Charles Henry Harrod于1849年创立(BBC新闻,2010)。哈罗德百货拥有超过100万平方英尺的零售空间,在7层楼和330个部门销售奢侈品和日常用品。这家商店于2010年5月被卡塔尔投资局旗下的卡塔尔控股公司以15亿英镑的价格收购。竞争分析是一种专门收集和审查竞争对手信息的战略研究领域(Leo, 1982)。哈罗德的主要竞争对手包括像塞尔福里奇百货公司和约翰刘易斯百货公司这样的大公司。利用竞争对手分析框架,Harrods可以确定其主要竞争对手的关键目标和战略,并利用它来获得竞争优势。竞争者分析框架基于竞争者的四个关键方面:竞争者的目标、假设、战略和能力(波特,1997)。首先,了解竞争对手的目标可以更好地预测竞争对手对不同竞争动作的反应(Leo, 1982)。2014年,Selfridges投资超过3亿英镑对其伦敦店进行改造,以提供更好的顾客购物体验,这也是哈罗德百货公司所熟知的。这使得Selfridges在2016年的总收入增加到14亿英镑(Carnish, 2016)。其次,竞争对手假设可以帮助哈罗德百货公司确定竞争对手下一步会考虑的行动。例如,John Lewis最近报告称,由于消费者转向网上购物,他们的利润大幅下降(Kollewe, 2018)。这意味着哈罗德百货可以认为,约翰•刘易斯的下一步行动将是加大对电子商务和社交媒体的投资。通过预测竞争对手的假设,哈罗德可以通过做竞争对手没有做的事情来获得关键优势.
莫纳什市场assignment代写 Harrods
Harrods is one of the largest and most iconic department stores in the world, established in 1849 by Charles Henry Harrod (BBC News, 2010). With more than a million square feet of retail space, Harrods sells luxury and everyday products across seven floors and 330 departments. The store itself was bought by Qatar Holdings, part of the Qatar Investment Authority for a reported fee of £1.5 billion in May 2010 .Competitive analysis is a field of strategic research that specialises in the collection and review of information about rival firms (Leo, 1982). Harrods main competitors includes the like of Selfridges and John Lewis. Using the competitor analysis framework Harrods can identify key objectives and strategy of its main competitors and use it to gain competitive advantage.The competitor analysis framework is based on four key aspects of a competitor: competitor objectives, assumptions, strategy and capabilities (Porter, 1997). Firstly, knowledge of competitor objectives provides a better prediction of the competitors reaction to different competitive moves (Leo, 1982). In 2014, Selfridges invested over £300 million to revamp its London store in order to provide better customer shopping experience which Harrods is well known for. This allowed Selfridges to increase their total revenues to £1.4 billion in 2016 (Carnish, 2016).Secondly, competitor assumptions can help Harrods to define the next move that the competitors will consider. For example, John Lewis has recently reported plunge in their profits due to major consumer shift to online shopping (Kollewe, 2018). This means that Harrods can assume that John Lewis’s next move will be investing more in e-commerce and social media presence. By anticipating competitors assumptions Harrods can gain key advantage by doing what their competitors failed to do so