2019-12-31 09:25

 Unmanned aircraft systems, commonly referred to as drones, are rapidly becoming important tools in the modern-day life.  Drones may be employed in a multitude of applications, and quite often, this could be a circumstance where aircrafts are in a danger zone, so drones are deployed for the replacement of aircraft. The technological innovation within the drone industry has provided great utility within a myriad of applications.  Drones have been successfully utilized for military surveillance, wildlife management, cyber-security and crime prevention, mapping, precision agriculture, and general security. This research explored the implementation of drone technology for security.  Military forces around the globe utilize drones for security, drones are used for numerous perspectives, they give 24 hours update of information to the military, for extended periods of time. Drone employment provides wildlife managers the ability to access areas too dangerous for human observation, providing the ability to conduct research in these areas.The military use the drones as part of security checkpoints, UAVs, used by the military around the globe, are commonly used for intelligent surveillance and scouting aircrafts. Some drones are light enough to be deployed by hand, drones have different sizes; small, medium and large. Drones are not only limited to security and surveillance, they are also used for other reasons purpose such as risk assessment, inspection, securing remote assets, perimeter control and other security officer situations. Despite the good use of this technology, there are some risks and challenges which UAV controllers are aligned to face is the fact aircraft and people could meet it thereby cause problems.
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