悉尼代写assignment 国家健身中心

2020-05-17 08:49

Anytime Fitness是一家总部位于伦敦的国家健身中心连锁店的分店。Anytime Fitness的经理马上就要退休了,所以需要雇佣一个新的经理。这篇文章的目的是概述和解释需要遵循的步骤,以雇用,成功引入和保留新的健身中心经理。这篇文章将着眼于人力资源规划,工作分析,招聘和选择,诱导和保留,然后总结出对招聘经理的建议。整个招聘过程中,招聘经理都会收到关于如何进行招聘的建议。英国就业市场也将进行评估,以了解市场如何影响资源分配方式。人力资源规划(HRP)被组织用来确保“合适的人在合适的时间担任合适的工作”(Jackson and Schuler, 1990,第223页)。近年来,人力资源规划的性质随着组织需求的变化而变化。稳定、确定性和短期解决方案已经变成了“环境不稳定、人口变化、技术变化和加剧的国际竞争”(Jackson和Schuler, 1990年,第223页)。为了有效地解决人力资源问题,组织必须考虑长期和短期的解决方案(Jackson和Schuler, 1990)。人力资源规划运用系统的技术来评估一个组织在未来满足其劳动力需求的程度。Anytime Fitness需要考虑是否需要新的健身经理,或者他们是否能满足现有员工的需求。如果一家公司过度雇佣员工,这将导致利润损失。如果Anytime Fitness选择不雇佣任何人,那么公司可能会过度雇佣现有员工。招聘面临的挑战是在业务需求不一致的情况下填补空缺,并聘用高素质人才。
悉尼代写assignment 国家健身中心
Anytime Fitness is a branch of a nation fitness centre chain based in London. The manager of Anytime Fitness will soon retire, so a new manager needs to be hired.The purpose of this essay is to outline and explain the steps that need to be followed to hire, successfully induct and retain the new fitness centre manager. The essay will look at HR planning, job analysis, recruitment and selection, induction and retention, followed by a conclusion summarizing the recommendations for the hiring manager. Recommendations will be given throughout for the hiring manager on how to approach the recruitment process. The UK Employment market will also be assessed in order to gain an understanding in how the market could affect the resourcing approach.HR planning (HRP) is used by organisations to ensure that “the right person is in the right job at the right time” (Jackson and Schuler, 1990, Page 223). In recent years, the nature of HRP has changed due the changing needs of organisations. Stability, certainty and short term solutions have turned into “environmental instability, demographic shifts, changes in technology, and heightened international competition” (Jackson and Schuler, 1990, Page 223). In order to effectively address HR concerns, organisations have to look at long and short-term solutions (Jackson and Schuler, 1990). HRP looks ahead using methodical techniques to assess the degree to which an organisation will meet its requirements for labour in the future .A HR plan is formed from looking at the business plan. Anytime Fitness need to consider whether a new fitness manager is necessary or whether they can still meet demand with their current workforce. If a firm over hires employees this will result in a profit loss. If Anytime Fitness, choose not to hire anyone then the firm could overkill the current workforce. The challenge for recruitment is to fill vacancies under inconsistent business demands, and hire high-quality talent. 
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