澳洲悉尼Leadership作业代写 获得成功

2020-07-17 17:23

 领导者必须认识到,要想获得成功,他们必须让其他人参与这一进程。 坚实的领导力来自于为了一个共同的目标而与周围的人结成伙伴关系的反复。员工的成功、他们所看到的镜头、他们所做的决定以及他们如何驾驭自己的职业生涯,都在很大程度上受到他们能够观察和学习的领导者类型的影响(Llopis,2014)。 明智的领导者会强制让他人参与进来,并灌输自由开放的创造力,这些都是五项修炼下一个系列的具体内容;挑战过程,让他人行动起来。在沟通、信誉和信任等发展领域;挑战过程鼓励你用机会来伸展自己--"跳出框框 "思考。 寻找和发现新的机会,让自己跌破局限、障碍,质疑现状。"维持现状只会滋生平庸。领导者要寻求和接受具有挑战性的机会,以检验自己的能力"。库兹、波斯纳,2012)。 倡导外部和内部的沟通方式,利用利用更多舒适区以外的资源。 挑战过程中,通过让事情发生,通过开放自己的脆弱,对周围人的能力有信心,点燃你沟通的主动性。 清晰简明的规划、协作和团队建设的练习,显示出你愿意建立开放透明的关系。挑战过程也提供了一个通过自信来展示可信度的途径;你的行动会比语言更有说服力。DWYSYWD--做你说要做的事(Kouzes,Posner,2012)。可信度通过你愿意尊重不同的观点,并有风度和技巧来体现。挑战过程也会对你的选民对你的性格产生积极的影响;他们会学会信任你的动机和意图。 挑战过程包含了计算风险的范围。这些风险可以是人与人之间的风险,通过开放和分享弱点,也可以是更高档次的领域,如战略项目管理。
澳洲悉尼Leadership作业代写 获得成功
 Leaders must realize that to be successful they must include others in the process.  Solid leadership comes from the repetition of embracing those around you in partnership for one common purpose. An employee’s success, the lens they see through, the decisions they make and how they navigate their careers are all heavily influenced by the types of leaders they are able to observe and learn from (Llopis, 2014).  Wise leaders enforce efforts to involve others and instill free open creativity that are specific under the next series of the Five Practices; Challenge the Process and Enable Others to Act. In the development areas of communication, credibility and trust; challenging the process encourages you with the occasion to stretch yourself- “think- out- of- the- box”.  Seek and discover new opportunities, and plummet yourself past limitations, barriers and question the status quo. “Maintaining the status quo simply breeds mediocrity. Leaders seek and accept challenging opportunities to test their abilities.” (Kouzes, Posner, 2012).  Championing both external and internal communication methods and take advantage of utilizing more sources outside your comfort zone.  Challenging the Process ignites your initiative to communicate by making things happen, by opening yourself to be vulnerable and have faith in those abilities of those around you.  Clear concise planning, collaboration, and team- building exercises display your willingness to have open transparent relationships. Challenging the Process also provides an avenue to exhibit credibility through self- confidence; your actions will speak louder than words. DWYSYWD—Do What You Say You Will Do (Kouzes, Posner, 2012). Credibility is demonstrated by your willingness to respect different viewpoints with poise and tact. Challenging the Process will also positively impact your character perceived by your constituents; they will learn to trust your motives and intentions.  Challenging the process is inclusive of the scope of taking calculated risks. These risks can be interpersonal by opening and sharing weaknesses or in more upscale areas such as strategic project management.
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