南澳政治学作业代写 网络安全法律

2020-06-11 23:36

由于种种原因,美国宪法中阐明的决策理论并没有产生有意义的网络安全法律。其中之一就是法律的颁布被推迟了。许多因素控制着不同国家的立法进程,因此立法的建立取决于各种因素,如政治问题或影响当地主动性的其他因素,或是否遵守国际法律,这些法律提倡在同一水平上发展跨境合作。这些法律也过时了,因为它们不符合当前的变化。同延迟颁布一样,可以推断出技术正在快速发展。标准可能会远远落后于技术的进步。随着风险和新技术的出现,组织会不断改进他们的标准,因此法律也必须放在最前列。当涉及到可能需要监管的紧急和当前问题时,这一点更为重要。为了解决这一问题,必须解决以下问题:如何改进机构的网络安全系统以抵御网络攻击?重要的是,美国政府确保他们的信息不被别有用心的公众和那些可能期望获得各种信息恶意使用的人使用。由此,联邦信息系统安全管理法立法,俗称《联邦信息系统安全管理法》立法形成。联邦信息系统安全管理法是美国的一部法律,它定义了一个全面的框架,旨在确保运营、资产和政府信息免受人为和自然威胁的保护。根据Laudon Laudon,联邦信息系统安全管理行为立法在美国签署了2002年作为电子政府行为法律的一部分,负责分配不同的要求不同的机构,确保联邦政府的安全数据和信息系统.
南澳政治学作业代写 网络安全法律
 The theory of policymaking as it is spelled out within the American constitution has not led to meaningful cybersecurity laws due to a variety of reasons. One of which is that fact that there is a delay in the enactment of laws. Many factors control the process of legislation in different countries, so their establishment is dependent on various things such as political issues or other factors that affect local initiatives, or adherence to international laws that advocate for the same level of development for cross border collaboration. The laws are also outdated as they do not conform to current changes. In the same line as the delay in its enactment, it can be inferred that technology is developing at a fast rate. It is possible that standards may fall far behind advances in technology. Organizations constantly improve their standards as risks and new technologies emerge so the laws also must be at the forefront. This is more important when it comes to emergent and present matters which may need regulation. To address this concern, the question the following question must be addressed: how can cybersecurity systems of institutions be improved against cyber attacks? It is important that the government of the United States ensure that their information is safeguarded from the public with ulterior motives and those who may be expecting to get various information for malicious use. As a result, the federal information system security management act legislation, commonly known as the federal information system security management act legislation was formed. The federal information system security management act legislation is a law in the United States that defines a comprehensive framework designed to ensure the protection of the operations, assets, and government information from the man-made and natural threats. According to Laudon, and Laudon, federal information system security management act legislation was signed in the United States as part of the electronic government act law of 2002 and is responsible for assigning various mandates to different agencies that ensure the safety and security of the federal government data and information system
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