阿德莱德代写assignment 心理健康问题

2021-01-15 20:42

青少年的心理健康问题日益引起人们的关注。根据全国精神疾病联盟(NAMI)的统计数据,50%的精神疾病病例开始于14岁,75%开始于24岁。了解这些数据,以及这些数据如何与伴随社会/情感关系、竞争激烈的学术、进入大学的过渡以及成为一名大学运动员的压力相结合,可以很容易地理解为什么学生在开始上大学时可能会遇到困难。为了本文的目的,我将主要关注对学生运动员的影响。在2015年美国大学生体育协会的一项调查中,30%的大学生运动员自我报告说“在过去的一个月里难以应付”。这比5年前的结果有所增加(CollegeAD 2018)。压力、焦虑和抑郁,伴随着社会、学术和独立的变化,伴随着高要求的练习计划和高期望,会变得更加明显和难以管理。成为一名大学运动员会带来异常强烈的压力。很多时候,大学是年轻运动员第一次脱离父母的支持,并被要求在没有父母支持的情况下继续保持高水平的表现(CollegeAD 2018)。学生运动员是学生事务和学生健康服务的重要焦点群体。维克森林大学(Wake Forest University)家庭和社区医学及生物医学工程助理教授克里斯托弗·迈尔斯(Christopher Miles)说:“他们是学生运动员,和其他学生一样背负着同样的包袱。”“因为他们的期望,他们的时间承诺,他们有更多的压力源”(Velasco, 2017)。华盛顿大学(University of Washington)一项分析运动员死亡的研究显示,总体而言,在每年参加NCAA体育比赛的约50万名学生运动员中,有477人在2003年至2013年期间死于自杀
阿德莱德代写assignment 心理健康问题
 Mental health illnesses among teens is a growing concern. According to statistics from the National Alliance on Mental Illness, (NAMI) 50% of all cases of mental illness begin at age 14 and 75% by age 24. Understanding these statistics and how these combined with the stresses that can accompany social/emotional relationships, competitive academics, the transition to college, and being a collegiate athlete, make it easy to understand why students may struggle when starting college. For the purposes of this paper, I will mainly focus on the impact on the student-athlete.In a 2015 survey by the NCAA, 30% of college athletes self-reported being “intractably overwhelmed during the past month”. This was an increase from results seen only 5 years earlier (CollegeAD 2018). Stress, anxiety, and depression along with navigating the social, academic and independent changes that come along with demanding practice schedules and high expectations can become more apparent and difficult to manage. Being a college athlete presents exceptional and intensified stressors. Often times college is the first time a young athlete is separated from parental support and required to continue to perform at a high level, without that supportive infrastructure (CollegeAD 2018).Student-athletes are an essential focus group for student affairs and student health services. “They are student-athletes, and they come with the same baggage that other students have,” says Christopher Miles, assistant professor of family and community medicine and biomedical engineering at Wake Forest University. “They just have a lot more stressors because of their expectations, their time commitments” (Velasco, 2017). Overall, out of about 500,000 student-athletes who compete annually in NCAA sports, 477 died from suicide between 2003-2013, according to a University of Washington study analyzing athlete deaths
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