澳洲堪培拉assignment代写 护理作业

2020-06-22 00:47

我们去的机构是Inver Grove Heights的Good Samaritan Society。设备非常干净,看起来非常好。在养老院比较网站上查找这家养老院时,这家养老院的评级是4星(满分5星)。这是由政府管理的网站的一个很好的评级。该机构会在入院后14天内对新入院者进行全身评估(皮肤评估在入院后的两个小时内完成)。然后是30天,60天,90天。他们也有年度评估。在这些评估中会用到Braden量表如果在评估中没有达到某些标准这就会在他们的计算机系统中触发一个护理区域比如床的流动性很低。当一个护理区域被触发时(比如床的流动性很低),他们将与医疗团队开会,制定行动计划来纠正该区域。这包括楼层护士、伤口护士、营养师和护士经理。他们会检查需要做什么来纠正护理区域。这可能包括在病人的饮食中添加更多的蛋白质,或者确保住院医生在适当的时间重新定位。该设施有特殊的气垫,有助于防止压疮,并为轮椅或躺椅提供坐垫。目前的一个缺点是,在绘制第一阶段溃疡的图表时,必须在不同的部分进行,如第二阶段、第三阶段或第四阶段的压疮。这为错误打开了一扇门。压疮的图表应该都在同一个区域。这更有意义,因为他们不需要看在不同的区域,看到潜在的压力溃疡恶化。这个机构将在今年9月切换到一个新系统,应该能解决这个问题。这种设备在预防压疮方面做得很好,但总有改进的空间。好撒玛利亚会的使命是通过为老人和其他有需要的人提供住所、服务和行为来分享神的爱。这家医院尊重、有尊严、有同情心地对待每一位病人。该机构共有46张病床,每班有3到4名助手帮忙护理。压力溃疡与他们的使命和价值观有关他们想要预防和治疗新入院患者的溃疡。他们为前来避难的人提供庇护和帮助。看看这些设施以及他们如何与病人互动,他们采取适当的措施来治疗和预防压疮,这就完成了他们的使命。这家机构还没有专门的伤口护理人员,但已经有人接受了培训,以确保他们的病人取得积极的结果。他们使用重新定位的气垫来帮助降低病人中压疮的发生率。这是整体护理的一个方面以及这个组织如何提供护理来治疗整个人,而不仅仅是一个方面。当住客拒绝重新安置时,工作人员会尊重病人拒绝安置的权利,但会在不久之后重新接近病人。该机构的护士检查并与CNA跟进,以确保重新定位在适当的时间发生,并绘制图表反映重新定位。这对治疗和预防压疮非常重要。工作人员在每个轮班前都有一个简报,以合作为每个住院医生制定最佳护理计划。
澳洲堪培拉assignment代写 护理作业
 The facility that we went to was Good Samaritan Society in Inver Grove Heights. The facility was very clean and looked very nice. When looking up this nursing home in a nursing home comparison site, this nursing home has a rating of four stars out of five. This is a good rating from a site that is governed by the government. This facility does a full body assessment of new admits within fourteen days of admission (a skin assessment is done within the first two hours). Then another at thirty, sixty and ninety days. They also have annual assessments. The Braden Scale is done in those assessment and if certain criteria are not met in the assessment this triggers a care area in their computer system like bed mobility is low, for example. When a care area is triggered (like bed mobility is low), they will have a meeting with the healthcare team to figure out a plan of action to correct the area. This includes the floor nurse, a wound nurse, nutritionist and nurse manager. They will look over what needs to be done to correct the care area. This may include adding more protein to the patient’s diet or make sure the resident is being repositioned at the appropriate times. This facility has special air mattresses that will help prevent pressure ulcers and cushions for wheelchairs or recliners.One drawback at this time would be charting on a stage one ulcer must be done in a different section as stage two, three, or four pressure ulcers. This opens a door to errors. The charting on any pressure ulcers should all be in the same section. This makes more sense because they will not have to look in a different area to see the potential pressure ulcer getting worse. This facility is going to switch over to a new system in September of this year, that should fix this issue. This facility does a great job in preventing pressure ulcers, but there is always room for improvement.   The Good Samaritan Societies mission is to share God’s love in word and deed by giving shelter, services to older people and others in need. This facility treats every patient with respect, dignity and compassion. This facility has forty-six total beds and three to four aides to help with care on each shift. Pressure ulcers relate to the mission, values in the fact that they want to prevent them and heal ulcers that are present with new admissions. They are giving shelter and helping those that come to them. Looking at the facility and how they interact with their patients, they take appropriate measure to heal and prevent pressure ulcers and that fulfills their mission statement. This facility does not have a specialized wound nurse yet but have someone being trained to ensure positive outcomes for their patients. Stated earlier they use repositioning air mattresses to help decrease the incidence of pressure ulcers in their patient population. This is one aspect of the holistic care and how this organization is providing care to cure the whole person, not just one aspect. When a resident refuse’s to be repositioned, the staff will respect the patient’s right to refuse, but will re-approach patient in a little while after. Nurses at this facility check and follow up with the CNA’s to make sure that repositioning is occurring at appropriate times and charting is done to reflect the reposition. This is very important in the healing and prevention of pressure ulcers. The staff has a briefing before every shift to collaborate on the best plan of care for each resident.
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