堪培拉教育学assignment代写 社会经济地位

2020-11-24 23:34

社会经济地位低直接影响儿童的身体健康。父母不能为子女提供适当的生活条件,使他们面临许多健康问题和卫生不良的风险。"由于家庭压力大、营养不良、环境有毒和各种保健差距,非常低收入家庭的儿童在健康方面可能永远无法赶上"("关键事实:贫穷和健康不良|健康贫困行动")。在这些有毒环境中,儿童更容易生病,因为空气本身是危险的。一旦孩子病得很重,父母往往没有足够的钱给他们提供必要的治疗或必要的药物。此外,当孩子们生病时,他们不上学,因为他们的免疫系统被削弱,并且禁止确保其他学生的健康和福祉。这最终会转化为低出勤率,对孩子的成绩产生负面影响,最终影响他们的教育。“贫困是逃学和辍学的主要原因之一,”(Cuthrell 2010)。有证据表明,一个孩子的出勤率直接对应于他们的整体教育。上课是如此重要,因为它允许孩子们被老师教,而不是试图自学,他们可以向他们的朋友或老师寻求帮助。当孩子呆在家里的时候,他们会使自己面临更大的挑战,因为这迫使他们变得独立。然而,如果他们的身体不健康,他们可能无法自学,因为一个人的身体健康直接影响他们的心理和情感健康,最终会对他们的教育产生负面影响。
堪培拉教育学assignment代写 社会经济地位
 Low socioeconomic status directly impacts a child’s physical health. Parents who fail to provide suitable living conditions for their children put them at risk for many health problems and poor hygiene. “With stressed-filled homes, shaky nutrition, toxic environments and health-care gaps of every kind, kids in very low-income families may never catch up when it comes to their health,” (“Key Facts: Poverty and Poor Health | Health Poverty Action”). In these toxic environments, children are more prone to sickness because the atmosphere in and of itself is hazardous. Once children become very ill, parents do not always have enough money to give them the required treatments or necessary medications. In addition, when children are ill, they do not attend school because their immune systems are weakened and it is prohibited to ensure the health and well-being of other students. This eventually would transform into poor attendance which negatively impacts a child’s grade, which ultimately affects their education. “Poverty is one of the primary causes of school truancy and dropouts,” (Cuthrell 2010). Evidence shows that a child’s attendance directly corresponds to their education overall. Attending classes is so important because it allows children to be taught by a teacher, rather than trying to teach themselves, and they can ask for help from their friends or teachers. When children stay home, they make it much more challenging for themselves because it forces them to become independent. However, if they are physically unhealthy, they might not be able to teach themselves because someone’s physical well-being directly affects their mental and emotional health, which would ultimately have a negative toll on their education.
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