Case Study 代写:还款个案开头

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Case Study 代写 还款个案开头

We have a couple in their early forties. David has his own IT business where he travels to peoples’ homes to fix their IT problems. After his business expenses he earns $85,000 before tax and any other deductions.
 His wife Jennifer works in media earning $135,000 p.a. before tax.  It is her second marriage.
They are paying off a mortgage of $850,000 on their own home which is now worth $950,000. The mortgage costs them $5,895 per month at a rate of 5.60% over 20 years. It is a standard principal and interest loan. They have owned the home for 3 years.
They have three children a 16 year old, 14 year old and a 10 year old. They all go to private schools at a cost of $65,000 p.a. Payable at the beginning of each term. There are four terms in the year
He has a Self Managed Superfund with $65,000 in cash. He also salary sacrifices a further $5,000 above the 9% p.a.
Her superannuation has $167,000 in a Capital Guaranteed Fund. She also salary sacrifices $10,000 p.a.
They have a joint savings account with $20,000 for emergencies.
He has a term deposit for $10,000 in case he needs cash for the business.
They have, as joint tenants, an investment unit in a seaside town.  They receive $255 per week rent. It is managed by an agent for 7% of the gross rent. The unit is currently worth $215,000 and they have a fully drawn line-of-credit for $155,000. The interest rate on the Line-of-credit is 5.65% p.a. paid monthly. They purchased the unit 5 years ago for $165,000.
One of David’s clients has suggested he invest in a new venture that will improve fuel efficiency in cars by 70%. The client has told David that he can expect to quadruple his money in 12 months but that he must invest within the next week as other investors are very keen and if David delays he will miss out.
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