澳洲教育学essay代写 教育法

2020-08-21 14:49

澳洲教育学essay代写 教育法
Other issues noticed in the Grambling Title IX department is how often individuals in authoritative positions are accused and how seldom students and staff come forward. But what becomes problematic is distinguishing the truth based off of all parties’ account of events, determining what sanctions satisfies the victim while holding the accused accountable, and closing a case without stepping out of jurisdiction. It is problematic because when there is two sides of a story, one has an idea of what really happen but can’t make a determination unless there is proper evidence supporting such claims.What has been learned is that the key component to respectably and successfully conducting an on-campus investigation consists of knowing how to approach a victim without making them feel attacked and knowing how to reprimand an aggressor without being bias in a reproach. Grambling State University ensures the safety and upholds the rights of any victim. Those rights may include, the right to advise with or not confide in the proper law enforcement authorities, comprising of on-campus and local police and may also opt to be abetted by campus authorities in informing such authorities if the staff, student or employee chooses.Students are strongly encouraged to make a report of any situations and incidents that may occur. They are also urged to share information about sexual misconduct and harassment. Even if the complainant or witness has concerns about underage drinking, drug use or other prohibited activity, that student considered a subject of violation and is still urged to tell their testimony and is still. The university practices a policy of offering alleged victims absolution from infringement of  policy and will not pursue disciplinary action based on the incident to encourage the reporting of sexual misconduct.
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