HR Assignment代写:人力资本

2016-12-30 16:52

此外,David Walker评论》(2009年),英国首相提交了报告,在全球金融危机和委员会发现,导致金融危机的一个主要原因是过多的薪酬和奖金分配不同的银行和金融机构管理高管,领带等组织的性能。危机爆发的结果,这些高管发放贷款时不需要太多关心返回,而那些债权人选择客户愿意支付高额利益。为了得到的奖金和溢价与盈利数据这样的高管们沉溺于行为,然而确保他们返回他们的行为更持久的影响,这个国家还没有从障碍的经济衰退中恢复过来。沃克的审查的建议(2009)英国政府修改合并代码的公司治理和监管要求,现在每个组织在该国证券交易所和金融市场上市要求披露薪酬,奖金、股票和福利支付期间的业务组织的高级官员。

HR Assignment 代写 人力资本

According to survey conducted by Human Capital Consulting Partner (2009), "44% of the Fortune 500 organization are freezing executive salaries, 10% are reducing executive salaries, with the most common approach a 10% reduction below 2008 levels, 16% saw executives forgo — or compensation committees reduce — payouts of earned incentive awards in 2008, 14% announced that 2009 annual or LTI awards will be reduced or eliminated, 7% are curbing pay for directors". This in turn reflects the corporate governance problem that the corporate entities are confronted to in different parts of the world. It is worth mentioning that the data compiled by Human Capital Consulting Partner (2009) is regarding the Fortune 500 companies. These companies are usually well-regulated and there usually exist proper corporate governance that ensures that the executives get the right remuneration packages. If appropriate research is conducted for other companies the figures may be much more disturbing.
 In addition, David Walker review (2009) that presented its report to the British Prime Minister after the global financial crises and the commission found that one of the major reasons that contributed to financial crises was the excessive remuneration and bonuses that different banks and financial organization were allotting to their top managerial executives that were tie to the performance of such organizations. The crises erupted as a result of the fact that when these executives were extending loans that did not take much care about the return rather those creditors were selected those clients who were willing to pay high rate interests. In order to get the bonuses and premium that were linked to the profitability figures such executives indulge in acts that ensure their return however the impact of their actions was much more long-lasting and the country has still not recovered from dysfunctions of recession. Upon the recommendations of the Walker's review (2009) the UK government has amended the Combine Code of Corporate Governance and the regulatory requirement in the country and now every organization listed on stock exchanges and financial markets in the country are required to disclose the amount of remuneration, bonuses, shares and fringe benefits that are paid to the top official of the business organization during the period under review.