2017-01-08 06:41

However, a better approach that Joe Bert's Car Wash could use for his business organization could be the marketing approach also termed as customer's orientation approach. This is because the first three approach, production orientation, product orientation, and sales orientation suffers from different weaknesses while the societal marketing concept is beyond the current resources that the Joe Bert's Car Wash. For example, if the organization uses the production concept, the organization instead of focusing on customer's needs and wants, the organization will focus on the firm's process that will result in a very short-term approach for the organization. On the other hand, if Joe Bert's Car Wash uses the product orientation, the firm may be confronted with the marketing myopia as it will results in a very narrow definitions of the car wash needs and wants. On the other hand, if the organization uses the selling approach, the organization will uses aggressive sales techniques that will enable the firm to accomplish its short-term goals at the cost of its long-term goals and objectives. While, the societal marketing approach, although the best approach amongst the stated objectives, essentially the firm will incur more cost and as the firm is involved in area where major customers of the firm will be cost-conscious, they will not be in position to pay for the added cost usually results from practicing the societal marketing concept.
Due to these the best approach that the Joe Bert's Car Wash may utilize is the customer's orientation approach or what is commonly referred to as the marketing concept. Over here the firm will be required to identify the customer's needs and wants through appropriate information gathering process, perhaps through the marketing research activity identify in the first part of the paper, and then uses a concentrated marketing concept to satisfy such needs and wants by tailoring the marketing mix according to the needs and aspirations of the target market that will eventually help Joe Bert's Car Wash to satisfy its customer's needs and wants as well as accomplish the long-term needs and objectives of the business organization.