澳洲nursing assignment代写 护理实践

2020-08-04 06:45

可以说,在护理实践中,领导对于实施以人为本的护理是非常必要的。NMC(2015)准则指出,所有护士都必须作为变革的推动者,通过服务发展和质量改进,发挥领导作用,提高护理体验和客户的福祉。Amanchukwu, Stanley和Ololube(2015)认为,领导力包括一种责任,目的是通过运用人力和物质资源来达到某些特定的目的,并确保整个过程组织得连贯一致。同样,Northouse (2017: p143)将领导定义为“一个人通过影响一群人来实现共同目标的过程”。“领导者会使用不同的方法来激励人们,这被称为领导风格。(ref)等学者认为,任何领导者的领导风格都是他或她在引导、管理、指导和激励一组人时所使用的特征行为。伟大的政治运动和社会变革往往是由能够领导或说服追随者创造、革新或表现良好的伟大领袖所激发的。传统上,护理领域的领导力与交易型领导力紧密相关,这与专业的核心价值观不相容。学者如8和9建议对床边注册护士实施变革型领导力,其他人建议采用真实型领导力,以及情商型领导力。像护士长或护士经理这样的传统领导者通过正式任命获得权威,而在床边注册的护士为了进入领导群体,通过与他们一起工作并信任他们的其他人的支持、感知和接受获得权威。临床6级护士长处于这种领导阶梯的起点。
澳洲nursing assignment代写 护理实践
Arguably leadership is very essential for the implementation of person-centred care in nursing practice. It is essential suggests the NMC (2015) code that all nurses must act as change agents and through service development and quality improvement provide leadership that will enhance the experience of care and well being of clients.  Amanchukwu, Stanley and Ololube (2015) posits that leadership consists of a kind of responsibility aimed at reaching some specific ends through the application of human and material resources as well as making sure the process is cohesively and coherently organized. Similarly, Northouse (2017: p143) defined leadership as a “process whereby an individual influence a group of individuals to achieve a common goal.”  There are different approaches employed by leaders to motivate people which are called leadership styles. Scholars such as (ref) argues that the leadership style of any leader is his or her characteristics behaviours used in guiding, managing, directing, and motivating a set of people. Great political movements and social changes are often inspired by great leaders who can lead or persuade followers to create, innovate or perform well.Traditionally, leadership in nursing has been closely associated with transactional leadership incompatible with core values of the profession Scholars such as 8 and 9 recommended transformational leadership for bedside registered nurses and others suggested authentic leadership , as well as emotionally intelligent leadership. While traditional leaders like head nurses or nurse managers gets authority through formal appointment , registered nurses at the bedside aiming to enter the leadership group attain authority from the support, perception and acceptance of others who works with and trust in them . The band 6 clinical nurse leader is at the start of such a leadership ladder.
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