澳洲悉尼作业代写 品牌战略

2020-04-03 03:50

品牌战略是由卖方建立产品的形象,以吸引和说服潜在的和目标的消费者,这是由公司制定的一项计划。一个成功的品牌战略是这个天才计划,它有潜力告诉消费者关于这个品牌的一切,甚至不需要解释。强大的品牌战略能够吸引消费者,并帮助他们决定这是他们可以真正信任的产品。但是经营一个产品的关键因素是要忠于它的购买者。产品必须像人们说的那样好。有不同的因素,能量饮料可以测试其客户。有些消费者可以根据它的口味来选择,有些则可以根据它的实际功能(能量提升因子)来选择。正如我们在前一部分中所解释的那样,印度是这样一个国家,他们消费的产品的味道真的很重要,V ' pure '是一种能量饮料,这两个因素必须结合在一起,才能让它在孟买长期占据统治地位。价格是一个品牌成功的最重要因素之一。即使是在印度这样的市场,产品定价过高也可能是一个巨大的错误。产品的价格可以很低,但这种政策只能在市场竞争激烈的情况下使用。新推出的产品可以定价为平均价格,但可以使用不同的策略,如买二赠一,整包优惠。这些策略不仅会推销产品,还会带有自我宣传的策略。由于我们的目标是18-60岁的平均年龄范围,这些范围内的大多数人是职业人士、运动员和学生,他们需要一些额外的提高他们的精力水平。只要产品有不同的口味和能量,平均价格作为竞争的功能饮料产品如红牛,怪物饮料等价格范围可能没有坏处。
澳洲悉尼作业代写 品牌战略
Creation of an image of its product by the seller to attract and to convince the potential and target consumers as a plan set by the companies is branding strategy. A successful brand strategy is this genius plan that has the potential to tell all about the brand to its consumers without even actually explaining about it. A strong branding strategy holds the capacity to attract its consumer and help them to decide that this is the product they can really trust. But the key factor of running a product is to be loyal to its buyers. The product must be as good as it is said to be. There are different factors that energy drink can be tested by its customers. Some consumers can be based on how its tastes and some may examine it on the basis of its actual function (Energy boosting factor). As we explained in our previous part India is a country where a taste of a product they are consuming really matters and V ‘pure’ being an energy drink both factors must be combined together in order to have its reign in Mumbai for long term. Pricing is one of the most important factors for a brand to be successful. Overpricing of a product can be a huge mistake to even establish in a market like India. Price of a product can be low down but this policy can only be used if there is strong competition on a market. The newly launching product can be priced average price but may use different strategies like buy 2 get 1 free, and discounts on the whole pack. These strategies will not just sell the product but will also carry a self-advertising tactic with it. Since we are targeting the average age range of 18-60 years old, most of these ranges of people are working professionals, athletes and students who need some extra boost of their energy level. As long as the product comes in different varieties of taste and is energetic, average price as of competing for energy drink product like Red Bull, Monster Drink etc pricing range might not harm.
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