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除上述细节外,两家公司的合并还计划在三年内完成。这种“匆忙构建结构”(Schneider et al. 2014, 211)成为并购的一种刻板错误,它没有提供任何空间来建立和创建信任和新的组织文化。这是一个致命的误解,因为拥有共同的文化也是非常必要的。合并后的公司的问题解决团队由两家企业的员工和采购经理团队(PMI)的10名员工组成,他们被要求用大量的工作量来支撑IRTs,但却帮不上什么忙。尽管美国人更喜欢在一个更加集中的环境中工作,但他们还是被迫接受了分权管理,而德国人则恰恰相反。此外,还将采购一个最新的综合组织结构。由此产生的混合组织结构明确反映了统一公司之间管理原则的冲突。就霍夫斯泰德个人主义维度的得分而言,德国人可能更愿意保留保守的管理实践和计划,而崇尚个人主义的美国人似乎更有创造力和创新思维,这或许不足为奇。这可能不仅导致官僚主义和决策过程的混乱和困难,而且也导致价值观念和共同工作的方式的分歧。
 In addition to above-mentioned details, the amalgamation of both companies was timed to be wrapped up within three years. This “rush to structure” (Schneider et al. 2014, 211) materialize to be a stereotypical fault of M&A which doesn’t provide any space to build and create trust and new organizational culture. This is a lethal misconception as having a common culture is also very essential. The Issue Resolution Teams of the resulting merger firm composed of staffs from both the enterprises and a PMI crew of 10 individuals in requisition to brace the IRTs with their substantial workload but couldn’t help much.Americans were compelled to welcome the split to decentralized management despite being in favor to work in a more centralized environment and vice-versa was the case with the German fellow mates. Apart from, an up to date, the consolidated organizational structure was to be procured. The resulting hybrid organizational structure definitely reflected the clashes in management principles between the unifying companies. As far as their scores of Hofstede’s Individualism dimension are concerned, it might be no wonder that Germans might prefer to retain conservative management practices and plan whereas individualistic Americans might appear to be more creative and innovative thinking. This might not only have led to confusion and difficulties regarding bureaucracy and decision-making processes but also to a divergence of the values and the way of working together.
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