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2020-03-20 00:03

在开始这篇论文之前,我决定看看心理学中的人本主义视角,然后我将描述这个心理学视角是如何与蒙台梭利教育相联系的。首先,我将开始反思蒙台梭利教师的角色,也被称为“主任”,这是以儿童为中心的教育方法(Wentworth, 1999)。蒙特梭利方法是一种强调个性和独立学习的教育方法(蒙特梭利,M. 2013)。形成我的蒙台梭利博士研究和位置很明显,老师提供了一个孩子,准备环境之间的联系,向孩子介绍每一块设备当他或她准备好了一个精确的,明确的和有吸引力的方式让他们自由跟随他们的兴趣,让他们自己去学习。蒙特梭利教育系统不同于任何其他教育环境,它是由孩子们来决定做什么。它试图使抽象的知识更具体,更适用于实践,更具体。这种方法主要是为了使学校更贴近世界,因此更容易进入(Hertzberger, 2008)。蒙台梭利(1912)教育,确实与人本主义心理学有关。在蒙台梭利的环境中,有一种对现实的巨大空化,强调学习真实的生活和实践技能。蒙台梭利方法的主要思想之一是,教育应该充分开发儿童的积极潜能,这样他们才能成为快乐和有用的社会成员(Wentworth, 1999)。这也与人本主义方法有关,这种方法受到卡尔·罗杰斯和亚伯拉罕·h·马斯洛的影响,他们都是治疗师(Cherry, K. 2019)。Carl Rodgers专注于以学习者为中心的教育,这种教育能够建立允许自主学习的条件。
澳洲南澳作业代写 教育心理学
 To begin this paper, I decided to look at the Humanistic perspective in psychology, I will then describe how this perspective in psychology relates to Montessori education.I will firstly begin to reflect on the role as a Montessori teacher also known as a “Director” it is child centered approach to education (Wentworth, 1999). The Montessori Method is an approach to education which emphasises individuality and independence in learning (Montessori, M. 2013).  Form my Montessori studies and from placement it is clear that the teacher provides a link between the child and the prepared environment, introducing the child to each piece of equipment when he or she is ready in a precise, clear and appealing way letting them have freedom to follow their interest that enables them to learn themselves. Montessori system is different from any other educational environment where it is left up to the children to decide what to do. It attempts to make abstract knowledge more concrete, more applicable in practice and more physical. The method seeks mainly to make the school more part of the world and therefore more accessible (Hertzberger, 2008). Montessori (1912) education, does in fact link in with humanistic psychology.  In the Montessori environment there is a huge empasise on reality and that emphasis was placed on learning real life and practical skills. One on the main ideas underlying the Montessori approach was that education should fully develop children’s positive potential, so the can become happy and useful members of society (Wentworth, 1999). This also relates to the humanistic approach, this approach was influence by Carl Rogers and Abraham H. Maslow the were both therapists (Cherry, K. 2019).  Carl Rodgers focused on the learner centered education that enables to establish condition that allow self directed learning. 
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