2019-09-18 02:19

Since entering the industry, Netflix has remained committed to being the largest and most varied selection of titles of any firm within the industry. Increasing the number of online media partnerships would be beneficial for both parties involved. The continued expansion of its media catalog should be a primary focus for Netflix moving forward. Maintaining its position of possessing the most varied and exclusive collection sets Netflix apart from the rest of the industry.International Growth: With the increasing level of competition and therefore market and industry saturation, it is in the best interest of Netflix to pursue international expansion. It is recommended for Netflix to expand primarily in Europe where there is the greatest potential to garner a large audience. This recommendation should be considered for a long-term movement into the international streaming segment. Along with expanding their catalog of content, Netflix must consider region-specific content when expanding internationally.
Recommended Strategy.The strategy that may have the best market penetration and lead to the largest amount of company growth is to increase the amount of content partnerships and exclusive original/limited content. By differentiating its product to possess content only available via Netflix, the company will distinguish itself from its competitors and provide a product that is exclusively unique and inimitable from its competitors both domestically and internationally. By focusing on streaming, Netflix will lower its operating costs because it will not need to focus on DVD/Blue-Ray distribution across different distribution channels in the different operating nations as well as lower licensing costs to third-party producers.