悉尼代写论文 乐透

2020-02-17 00:12

悉尼代写论文 乐透
“The Lottery” uses the stack of rocks to symbolize the tradition and the ways of the town. The rocks were the way of killing the person that was selected by that black box and the black markings. There is no reason why the villagers should be loyal to the black box yet disloyal to other relics and traditions, just as there is no logical reason why the villagers should continue holding the lottery at all. The stones were a symbol because they allowed everyone to participate in the stoning freely in the ritual. Everyone from the youngest to old man warner were involved in the murder of Tessie, but the horror of it all was the fact that everyone stood by and did nothing. The stones could also be called symbols because you can compare them to history when stoning was used as the way of punishment of the guilty; in the end killing them during a human sacrifice or ritual. The stoning also ties into some religions with the way of the religious community chose to punish people who participated in disbelief of the group. The tittle in its own way shows symbolism, tradition, and gives off a play on words because of the winnings in the end. All the expectation of ‘’the lottery’’ were all the same at the beginning of the story, but once you read the second paragraph red flags start to arise as the pile of stones are being made. Traditions comes into play once the papers are pulled from the “black box”. 
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