悉尼论文代写 时尚产业

2020-03-11 23:59

悉尼论文代写 时尚产业
The fashion industries obtain a level of ability to produce ideas that are modern and which excel in order for the industry to survive (Howard, 2017). As a result of this I have decided to focus my negotiated studies module on the fashion designing process as this is an area which I feel most confident and driven by. I have chosen this specialist skill as there are multiple ways that this can be done therefore allowing me to show my individuality and passion.Throughout this module I will start to develop my skills in order for me to get the best possible outcome to a state that I am proud of and portray my capabilities in this particular area. Fashion designing has a process which is required in order to reach the outcome, this then can be achieved in multiple ways which I enjoy as it allows me to find my own style and be as expressive as possible. Fashion designing is a very competitive industry ‘every year, approximately 3000 new designers enter the London fashion scene’ according to the Victoria and Albert Museum (No date). As a result of this you have to be innovative to partake in this industry; being fashion forward and thinking of the ‘trends’ to come; I have chosen this area as this best suit me; I am able to gain different skills from every part of the process which I will be translating throughout my educational and professional career. In this module I would like to develop my CAD skills which include Cad spec sheets and flats, Photoshoots of my garment collections as well as mood boards. I also want to develop my knowledge in the garment constructions by means of pushing myself to create something I have not yet created before; this will order further my skills and I will then know much I am capable of.
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