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2020-04-19 09:37

我第一次担任领导职务是在六年前,当时我开始在那打格林外科担任助理经理,在此之前,我在国民保健服务系统中担任了多年的低级行政职务。在尼日根外科工作期间,我曾向7位GP合伙人、执业经理负责,并与执业经理一起领导了10名临床和行政团队成员。我目前的职位是Rustlings Road Surgery的实习经理,这是一家规模较小的诊所,由三名GP合伙人、两名实习护士、一名医疗助理、一名实习管理员和四名接待员组成。为了评估我自己履行领导角色关键职责的能力,我觉得我首先需要探索领导对我来说意味着什么,并理解作为一个领导者和领导本身的区别。《牛津英语词典》(2011)简单地将领导者定义为领导或指挥一个群体、组织或国家的人。对我来说,这个定义只涉及到作为一个领导者意味着什么。韦伯深入研究了领导者与领导力之间的关系,他认为领导者包含了领导信念和态度,也就是说,你是什么样的人,才能成为领导者。仅仅采取领导行动或拥有领导头衔并不能使你成为一个领导者。Scouller(2011)将领导力描述为一个过程,这让我们更好地理解了领导者和领导力之间的区别;一系列围绕定义和实现目标的选择和行动。在日常生活中,我认为这是一个与我的团队合作并支持他们实现共同目标的过程。我认为,在这个过程中,我的主要领导职责是确保正确的员工根据经验、技能和实现我们共同目标的意愿来领导每一项任务,并为他们提供持续的支持,使他们能够做到这一点。为了帮我评估能力履行主要职责我有一些练习来帮助我进行识别和理解我的领导风格两个这样的例子是确认我的布雷克和羊皮管理网格作为一个团队领导者和菲尔的“我的领导风格是什么”锻炼了我作为民主党领袖。我觉得这两个结果都真实地反映了我对自己领导风格的看法。
悉尼商科作业代写 领导职务
 My first experience in a leadership role was six years ago when I commenced employment at Nethergreen Surgery as Assistant Manager, prior to this I had held lower level administrative roles within the NHS for a number of years. In my role at Nethergeen Surgery I was responsible to seven GP partners, the Practice Manager and alongside the Practice Manager led ten members of a clinical and administrative team. My current position, which I have held for five years, is Practice Manager of Rustlings Road Surgery, a smaller practice that consists of three GP partners, two practice nurses, a healthcare assistant, practice administrator and four receptionists.In order to evaluate my own ability to fulfil key responsibilities of the leadership role I feel I first need to explore what leadership means to me and to understand the difference between being a leader and leadership itself. The Oxford English Dictionary (2011) simply defines a leader as the person who leads or commands a group, organisation or country.1 For me this definition only touches on what it means to be a leader. Webb has looked in depth at leaders versus leadership and believes leaders encompass leadership beliefs and attitudes, meaning it is who you are as a person that makes you a leader. Simply undertaking leadership actions or holding a leadership title does not make you a leader. 2 Scouller (2011) gives us greater understanding of the difference between a leader and leadership when he describes leadership as a process; a series of choices and actions around defining and achieving a goal.3 Simply on a day to day basis I view this as the process of working with and supporting my team towards a shared goal, in our case an effective well ran practice providing excellent patient care. I view my main leadership responsibility in this process is ensuring the correct staff are leading on each given task based on experience, skill set and willingness to achieve our common goal and being a constant support to enable them to do this. In order to help me evaluate my ability to fulfil key responsibilities I have undertaken several exercises to help me identify and understand my style of leadership two examples of this are the the Blake and Mouton managerial grid which identified me as a team leader and the Thornfield’s “What is my leadership style” exercise which identified me as a democratic leader. I feel both these results are a true reflection of how I perceive my leadership style to be.
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