阿德莱德assignment代写 心理学食物

2020-07-07 20:50

阿德莱德assignment代写 心理学食物
“It’s a good day to have a good meal” is what many of the customers think when they enter a restaurant or a café or any kind of dining area. As a layman understanding, the factors that influence a customer to like a restaurant or café would be 1. Great food, 2. Reasonable pricing with a large variety to choose from, 3. Good ambiance and 4. Good customer service. As we are here to discuss the effect of music on one’s dining experience, let us understand the influence of the atmosphere on the customer. The mood of the dining area can be set by several factors, i.e., by the décor, by the music and by the theme that determines both. Music plays an important part when it comes to recreational, hobby, profession, ceremonial, religious and social, such as parties, weddings, and funerals. Different genres of music are enjoyed by people around the world. In general, music comprises of pitch, harmony, dynamics, texture, timbre, and rhythms. Changes made to these elements result in various genres, and different expressions and form. Let us understand the effects of music in various settings and different demographic setups. For this, we need to do some market research to understand the preferences of various kinds of customers and the results of such changes done by other competitors, in this case, other restaurants. Market research provides you with all the information that is critical to making better business decisions that are more profitable. Research is important not only for big businesses with huge investments and turn-overs but also to new startups and small businesses.
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