澳洲南澳论文代写 动态和根本变化

2020-07-11 17:33

澳洲南澳论文代写 动态和根本变化
 The world is evolving due to dynamic and fundamental changes in the environment, this changes comes as a result of development of new technology. Organization needs to adapt these changes into their business in-order to gain competitive advantage which also leads new leadership challenges. In a more digital environment leadership needs to be more decentralised and use collective competence and intelligence in the company.According Wilson et al (2004) digital leaders can be defined functionally by their contribution to the transition towards a knowledge society.’’ There are types of digital leaders such as operational, resource mobilization, structural and awareness leader. Operational leaders are where leaders in a company or government institution allocate and control the soft and hard infrastructure which are vital to the knowledge of society. Awareness leaders persuade number of people to patronize new IT system as resource in-order to help them achieve their set objectives. Resource mobilization leaders persuade companies to acquire and utilise valuable resource to increase the use of ICT more widely whether with high political support or money. Structural leaders are high-profile leaders who use their power to persuade congregations about shifting towards a new kind of distributed digital society and that information resolution is not only about the use of ICT tools.As the world keeps on changing, digital innovation also change and not static. Due to this, leaders in various companies or organisations must need a mix of leadership skills to be able to manage the activities of the company effectively and efficiently.
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