阿德莱德代写assignment 宗教代写

2020-07-27 19:50

   Flannery O’Connor is noted for her stories about religion. “The River” presents fundamentalists, blasphemers, individuals with no interest in faith, and, in Harry/Bevel, a personality living in utterly ignorant innocence concerning faith. A major concern for O’Connor during this story is spiritual content and also the extent to that a person has to perceive the complexities of spiritual dogma thought to be religious. Throughout the story, O’Connor utilizes her southern background and religious beliefs to portray the controversial aspects of Christianity through the depiction of the death and salvation of Harry, importance of faith, and the questions of morality raised.To assert that O’Connor owed a great deal to Southern fundamentalists is not to deny the significance of her Catholicism. Certainly O’Connor’s Catholicism was the primary shaping force in her thought and vision; but existing alongside it in her consciousness was a profound respect for and identification with Southern fundamentalists. The tension between these two systems of belief, together with that resulting from the secularism of her Southern heritage, in large part explains the great power of her fiction. At the heart of O’Connor’s best work, “one finds a violent wrenching of extremes not only between secular and divine, but also between two diametrically opposed systems of faith” (Brinkmeyer Jr. 2). For obvious reasons, O’Connor’s fictional style is much less explicit than that of most evangelical preachers. Yet her underlying strategies of shock and distortion are very similar to the evangelist’s in terms of technique and intention. Like the preacher, O’Connor seeks (on one level) to unsettle her audience’s rational sensibilities, to make her readers both admit their limitations and see the necessity of making a choice for or against Christ. To convey her Catholic vision, “O’Connor turned not to the pieties of ordinary religious fiction (“pious trash” she once called it) but to the severe techniques of the fundamentalist preachers of her homeland who sought in their sermons to manipulate their audiences so that they became consumed by the spirit”.
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