堪培拉犯罪学assignment代写 犯罪的优生学原理

2020-06-28 09:24

物理和生物科学认为,物理、环境因素、化学过程、生理过程和发展在很大程度上影响一个人的行为和犯罪意愿。美国犯罪的优生学理论源于弗朗西斯·高尔顿(Francis Galton)创造的一个术语,即计划生育会限制产生坏孩子的可能性。这一术语被称为优生学,意指通过计划生育而出生的孩子是“纯生的”。在19世纪优生学被提出的时候,受到大量研究的犯罪在美国大城市中显著增长。这涉及到大城市的中产阶级和上层阶级并影响了阶级的计划生育。下层社会的人犯罪很严重,为了和谐而避开他们。随着美国犯罪率的波动,许多崭露头角的生物学家想要确定导致犯罪的因素。美国生物学家查尔斯·达文波特承认,根据一个人的文化不同,必须用相对的眼光来看待犯罪。例如,在一个国家,兽交是一种犯罪;在另一个国家,这可能是一种常态或一种生活方式。达文波特认为,从最基本的意义上讲,犯罪是个人行为的传播,这种行为与网络的道德规范相抵触。所有犯罪行为的正常组成部分是无力满足“弱约束”引起的社会欲望,无力推迟移植物,或者用优生学家保罗·波佩诺和罗斯维尔·h·约翰逊的话说,“缺乏情感控制”。此外,达文波特还承认,自然条件既可以鼓励犯罪行为,也可以劝阻犯罪行为。
堪培拉犯罪学assignment代写 犯罪的优生学原理
 Physical and Biological Science says that physics, environmental factors, chemical processes, physiological processes, and development largely influences a person’s actions and willingness to commit crimes. The eugenically theories of Criminality in America derived from a term coined by Francis Galton, which says that planned breeding limits the likelihood of producing bad offspring. This term is called Eugenics, which implies that children born out of planned breeding are “purely born.” During the 1800’s when the Eugenics was coined, and heavily studied crime grew significantly in the larger cities of the United States. This concerned the middle class and upper class of the larger cities and influenced planned breeding amongst class. Lower classes committed crime heavily and where shunned in terms of compatibility. With crime fluctuating throughout the United States, many rising biologists wanted to determine factors that contributed to criminality. American biologist, Charles B. Davenport, admitted that depending on one’s culture, crime must be viewed in relative terms. For example, in one country bestiality is a crime; in another country it may be a norm or a way of life. Davenport reasoned that crime, in its most principal sense, was the propagation of acts by an individual that keeps running against the mores of the network. The normal component in all criminal conduct is inability to satisfy social desires caused by “weak restraint,” the powerlessness to postpone grafication or, in the expressions of eugenicists Paul Popenoe and Rosewell H. Johnson, “a lack of emotional control.” Davenport additionally conceded natural conditions can both reason and dissuade criminality.
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