莫纳什Monash代写assignment 全球一体化程度

2020-05-21 19:20

20世纪以来,由于全球一体化程度的提高、经济的增长、市场的扩张以及跨国公司的激烈竞争,全球化引起了全世界的关注。跨国公司(MNEs)一直是全球市场的主要参与者。几十年前,来自发达国家的跨国公司在全球经济中占据主导地位,被称为“先行者”。近年来,一个日益重要的全球化趋势是来自发展中国家的跨国公司数量显著增加。来自中国等新兴国家的跨国公司加快了其海外投资的扩张速度,被称为“后来者或新来者”。中国跨国公司在所有新兴国家投资中所占份额最大,其外国直接投资(FDI)在10年内增长了约12倍(Alon, Anderson, Munim and Ho 2018)。新兴国家跨国公司对全球市场的大规模投资和积极参与,极有可能对全球一体化和市场重组产生巨大影响。中国作为世界经济强国,其对外直接投资的显著增长一直是人们关注的焦点。许多学者试图利用他们观察到的发达国家跨国公司的现有跨国公司理论来解释和检验发展中国家跨国公司的外部资本市场的出现。他们使用不同的理论,包括所有权-位置-内部化(OLI)理论、联系、杠杆和学习(LLL)模型(Mathews 2006)和资源基础理论,重点研究了新兴国家跨国公司的竞争优势。
莫纳什Monash代写assignment 全球一体化程度
Within the 20th century, Globalisation has drawn worldwide attention due to increased global integration, economic growth, market expansion and intensive competition of multinational companies. Multinational enterprises (MNEs) have always been the primary player in the global markets. A few decades ago, MNEs from developed countries played a dominant role in global economy, as called “first movers” . In recent years an increasingly important trend of globalisation is the significant growing number of MNEs from developing countries . MNEs from emerging countries such as China have accelerated their expansion speed to invest overseas are specified as “later comers or new comers” . Chinese MNEs constitutes the largest share of all emerging country investments and its foreign direct investment (FDI) has experienced an approximately 12-fold increase in 10 years (Alon, Anderson, Munim and Ho 2018). The massive investments and proactive participation in the global market from emerging country MNEs are highly likely to have a tremendous impact on global integration and market restructure. China as the world’s economic powerhouse has been the centre of attention to be studied in relation to its significant growth of outward FDI.Many scholars tried to use the existing MNE theories, which they observed from developed country MNEs to explain and examine the emerging of outward FDIs from developing country MNEs. They have focused on the competitive advantages of emerging country MNEs possessed by using different theories, including ownership-location-internalization (OLI) theory , linkage, leverage and learning (LLL) model (Mathews 2006) and resource-based view.
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