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2020-07-15 22:36

游客和来访的人将是目标市场。利用“蒙大拿制造”的理念将吸引游客,因为许多人都有去冰川公园或白鱼山的目的地,预计在这些季节里,销售额将会更高。居住在平头谷的当地人也将在销售中发挥关键作用。根据人口普查局的数据,有10万人居住在这个山谷(人口普查局)。尽早参与社区活动将有助于吸引他们的兴趣,并传播口碑。预计夏季和冬季将是销售额最大的季节。冰川国家公园和白鱼山滑雪胜地因其受人尊敬的季节而成为受欢迎的目的地。据跟踪该州西北角旅游业的当地报纸《密苏联报》(the Missoulian)报道,去年(2017年),估计有330万游客参观冰川公园,34.6万人在白鱼山滑雪。这是白鱼山打破纪录的季节,在被《滑雪杂志》评选为十大滑雪胜地之一后,预计它的受欢迎程度会越来越高。对山顶美食最大的竞争来自蒙大拿小麦和蒙大拿咖啡商(MCT)。这两家公司都在蒙大拿州当地,并且已经在该地区建立了业务。小麦蒙大拿是一个谷物供应商,并在他们的熟食风格的餐厅(小麦蒙大拿)销售面包和咖啡。MCT主要是一家咖啡店,但也提供早餐和午餐,使用当地的小麦蒙大拿州的原料。MCT有各种各样的早晨烘焙食品,从烤饼,松饼,面包。这并不是Mountain Top Treats的目标,但通过与Wheat Montana的网络使用他们的产品,以及与MCT的网络使用他们的咖啡,Mountain Top Treats也会受益。蒙大拿州的咖啡商人们认为,“只要有可能……努力以一种尊重、支持并使我们赖以生存的人民、社区和土地受益的方式经营。”(蒙大拿咖啡商)与一家已经在这些信念上投入如此多的公司竞争将是困难的,但是尊重、社区和天然产品的重要性将在山顶美食中被分享。
莫纳什assignment代写 目标市场
 Tourists and visiting people will be will be the target market. Leveraging the idea of “Montana Made” will be a draw for visitors, and since many have a destination to either Glacier Park or Whitefish Mountain, sales are anticipated to be greater during those seasons.  Locals living in the Flathead Valley will also play a critical role in sales. According to the Census Bureau, there are 100,000 people living in the Valley (Census Bureau). Getting involved in the community early will help catch their interest and will spread word of mouth.The summer and winter months is projected to be the biggest seasons in terms of sales. Glacier National Park and Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort are popular destinations for their respected seasons. According to the Missoulian, a local newspaper that tracked tourism in the northwest corner of the state, an estimated 3.3 million visitors visited Glacier Park and 346,000 people skied Whitefish Mountain last year (2017) (Missoulian). This was a record breaking season for Whitefish Mountain and it is expected to increase as its popularity grows after being voted one of the top 10 ski resorts by Ski Magazine (Ski Magazine).The biggest competition to Mountain Top Treats is between Wheat Montana and Montana Coffee Traders (MCT). Both businesses are local to Montana and are already established in the area. Wheat Montana is a grain supplier and sells breads and coffee in their deli style restaurant (Wheat Montana). MCT is a coffee shop, primarily, but also serves breakfast and lunch using local ingredients from Wheat Montana. MCT has a variety of morning baked goods from scones, muffins, and breads. This isn’t what Mountain Top Treats aims to be, but networking with Wheat Montana to use their products and networking with MCT to use their coffee will benefit Mountain Top Treats. Montana Coffee Traders believes, “Whenever possible… [to] strive to operate in a manner that respects, supports and profits the people, the communities and the land that sustains us.” (Montana Coffee Traders) It will be hard to compete with a company who is already so invested in these beliefs, but the importance of respect, community, and natural products will be shared within Mountain Top Treats.
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