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2020-07-21 05:27

ZETA或零能耗技术和建筑社区由Naomi Porat、Marc Porat和Shilpa Sankaran于2008年1月发起。ZETA的目标是创造新的方法,利用异地建设提供经济实惠、节能的城市住宅和商业建筑。 联合创始人看到了一个巨大的机会,在利用工厂建设的传统建筑方法的基础上进行改进,以实现更高的质量,50%的制造时间和降低成本,同时提供更好的健康和环境性能。Naomi Porat是首席执行官,Marc Porat是董事长,Ship Sankaran是营销和传播副总裁。ZETA与美国能源部(DOE)的 "建筑美国计划 "建立了研究合作关系,该计划是一项广泛的举措,旨在促进成本效益、节能建筑战略的发展。目前市场上存在的问题是城市住房成本高、建筑效率低和二氧化碳排放量迅速增加。 该项目始于2007年,当时美国正面临着近代史上最大的住房危机之一。当地和全国的房地产市场几乎处于停滞状态,用于经济适用房的公共资金几乎消失,房价每天都在下降。全球的二氧化碳含量成倍增长,到2006年达到了人类历史上的最高水平,为百万分之380。2003年到2005年,次贷的自由分配使房屋拥有率和房屋价值急剧上升,形成了现在所谓的美国房地产泡沫。当Marc、Naomi和Shilpa正在打造他们的新企业时,正是这些不同的市场力量的交汇点;房地产泡沫的崩溃、经济衰退的加深、能源价格的上涨以及人们对绿色建筑实践日益增长的兴趣。
莫纳什商科assignment代写 ZETA
 ZETA or Zero Energy Technology and Architecture Communities was launched in January 2008 by Naomi Porat, marc Porat and Shilpa Sankaran. ZETA’s goal was to create new method for delivering affordable, energy efficient, urban residential and commercial buildings using offsite construction.The co-founders saw a huge opportunity to improve upon the traditional building methods utilizing factory construction to achieve higher quality, 50 percent faster time to maker and reduced costs, while delivering improved health and environmental performance. Naomi Porat is the CEO, Marc Porat is the Chairman and Ship Sankaran is the Vice president of marketing and communications. ZETA established a research partnership with Department of Energy’s (DOE) “Building America program”, which was a widespread initiative to promote the development of cost-effective, energy efficient building strategies. Current issues in the market are high cost of urban housing, inefficient construction practises and rapidly rising CO2 emissions.This venture started in 2007, during this time US was facing one of the largest housing crises in the recent history. Both the local and national real estate markets were at near standstill, public funding for affordable housing had all but disappeared and housing prices were falling every day. Global levels of carbon dioxide were growing exponentially, reaching the highest levels in human history at 380 parts per million by 2006. The liberal distribution of subprime mortgages in 2003 through 2005 sent home ownership rates and home values skyward, creating what is now known as the U.S. housing bubble. It was at the intersection of these various market forces; the crash of the housing bubble, a deepening economic recession, rising energy prices and growing interest in green building practices when Marc, Naomi and Shilpa were crafting their new venture.

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