澳洲护理作业代写 见习护士

2020-08-11 07:29

作为一名见习护士,终身学习将帮助我发展情商。发展情商对我来说非常重要。根据Codier & Codier(2017)的研究,在护理和其他医疗领域,沟通不畅是造成大多数医疗错误的主要原因。然而,Karimi等人(2014)指出,护士必须能够控制和管理自己的情绪,以便与患者交流同理心。此外,Cohen- Katz(2016)提到护士情商的发展能够更好地照顾病人。情商还可以提高个人绩效、人际关系和团队功能,《Codier & Codier》(2017)。Fernandez(2012)将情商视为“个体监控自己和他人的感受和情绪,区分它们,并将这些信息用作他们思考的向导的能力”。从我对情商的理解来看,情商对于护士来说是一项持续终身学习的技能,也是我将在整个职业生涯中不断发展的技能。Cohen Katz(2016)将情商定义为三个关键因素:允许反思的时间,照顾自己的身心,提高沟通和解决冲突的能力,允许自己承认自己的错误,并在需要的时候请求帮助。从我对情商的理解来看,在我的终身学习中保持和发展情商是非常重要的。同时,要认识到,作为护士,在与病人和家人进行推理和互动时,不要变得太有弹性,这是很重要的,Henry(2017)。要变得完全有弹性是很困难的,因为根据情绪采取行动是很自然的,这就是为什么终身学习对我这个护士学生来说很重要,可以有效地发展这些技能。
澳洲护理作业代写 见习护士
Lifelong learning will help me develop emotional intelligence as a student nurse. Developing emotional intelligence is very important to me. According to Codier & Codier (2017), poor communication makes up most medical errors across nursing and other healthcare disciplines. However, Karimi et al (2014) state that nurses must be able to control and manage their emotions to communicate empathetic concerns with their patients. Furthermore, Cohen- Katz (2016) mentions a nurses’ development of emotional intelligence enables better care for patients. Emotional intelligence can also improve individuals performance, interpersonal relationships and team functions, Codier & Codier (2017). Fernandez (2012) discusses emotional intelligence as ‘the capacity of the individual to monitor their own and others’ feelings and emotions, to discriminate among them, and to use the information as a guide to their thinking’. From my understanding of emotional intelligence, it is a constant lifelong learning skill for nurses and is a skill I will continue to develop throughout my career. Cohen Katz (2016) defines emotional intelligence into three key factors which are: allowing time for reflection, and looking after yourself mentally and physically, improve communication and conflict resolution skills, and allowing yourself to admit your own mistakes, and request help when needed. From my understanding of emotional intelligence, it is essential to maintain and develop this skill throughout my lifelong learning. Also, acknowledge as nurses it is essential not to become too resilient as being a nurse requires showing empathy when reasoning and engaging with patients and families, Henry (2017). It would be difficult to become fully resilient as it is natural to act on emotions which why lifelong learning is significant to me as a student nurse, to effectively develop these skills.
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