莫纳什作业代写 零售药店

2020-08-06 09:59

每个打算开零售药店的投资者都应该遵守这些规定。任何想要建立零售药店的人都有义务遵守有关药品的采购、销售、储存、供应和记录保管的规定。在工作人员、房地、设备和程序方面还有其他需要满足的要求。的确,零售药品是有利可图的业务。研究表明,2015年全球药品支出已增长至9600亿美元,其中美国占三分之一的市场,估计每年的销售额为3400亿美元(Statistica, 2016)。这表明该行业在过去几年里以每年2%的速度增长。我们的复方制药公司将向波多黎各人零售著名制造商生产的各种药品。我们还将从事美容产品、化妆品和婴儿用品的销售。该公司将设在波多黎各。该产品将不仅在波多黎各销售。公司的目标不仅是盈利,而且还要为改善国民的健康状况做出贡献,提供理想的化妆品和婴儿用品,同时让我们的客户物有所值。为了进行购买,顾客将被要求亲自来到我们的商店,购买或订购将交付给顾客的产品。客户必须先通过电话联系我们,然后邮寄,电子邮件或传真他们的处方。订单完成后,客户将使用提供的支付平台支付,付款完成后,产品将通过快递送达客户。在未来,我们计划建立一个网站,将允许与我们的员工实时聊天,以加强下单。本地顾客可从本店领取药品。
莫纳什作业代写 零售药店
Every investor planning on starting a retail pharmacy store should comply with these regulations. Anyone looking to establish a retail pharmacy store is obliged to follow the regulations guiding sourcing, sale, storage, supply and record keeping as pertains medicinal products. There are other requirements to be met relating to staff, premises, equipment and procedures.It is very true that retail pharmaceuticals are profitable businesses. Studies show that global spending on drugs has grown to $960 billion in 2015with the US accounting for a third of the market, with an estimated $340 billion sale every year (Statistica, 2016). This is an indication that the industry has grown at a rate of 2 percent per year over the last few years.Our Compounding Pharmacy will be retailing a variety of drugs from renowned manufacturers to Puerto Ricans. We will also engage in sales of beauty products, cosmetics and baby products. The company will be located at Puerto Rico. The product will not only be sold in the Puerto Rico. The aim of the company will not only be to make profit, but also to contribute in improving the health status of the nation, offer ideal cosmetics and baby products and at the same time give our customers value for their money.In order to make a purchase a customer will be required to physically come to our stores and make the purchase or order the product that will be delivered to the customer. The customer must first contact us through the phone then mail, email or fax their prescription. Once the order is made, the customer will pay using the provided payment platforms and once the payment is made, the product will be sent to the customer using courier delivery. In future we plan to setup a website that will allow live chats with our staff to enhance placing of orders. Local customer may receive the drugs from our store.
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