昆士兰代写assignment 美国经济和公共卫生

2020-07-03 17:06

昆士兰代写assignment 美国经济和公共卫生
America’s economy is consistently becoming worse, people can barely pay for food much less their bills. The economy is preventing citizens from receiving the care they need throughout their everyday lives. Healthcare is not very affordable for those without a steady income especially when they are without insurance as well. When it comes to healthcare having insurance could be a tremendous help to paying off medical bills. Hospitals, their employees, and patients are all greatly affected by America’s financial status. Physicians and hospitals make their money off patients and their insurance; however, patients lose money by visiting hospitals and physicians. Which leaves many Americans wondering if doctors should help patients no matter their financial situation. Although free healthcare would be very beneficial to those struggling financially, medical professionals and hospitals would be at a huge disadvantage; therefore, doctors should not provide free healthcare.Many Americans are faced with financial problems that result in poor situations and decisions regarding their healthcare such as; lack of insurance, poor nutrition, reluctance towards professional help, and much more. Most hospitals’ main revenue come from patient insurance, operations, and testing (Broker). If a patient cannot afford insurance nor medical help, hospitals can lose thousands of dollars maybe even millions by providing free healthcare (“How the Economy Is Affecting Hospitals.”). Many Americans feel that people who financially struggle and need medical attention deserve to be given an opportunity to receive medical help even if they cannot pay the majority of their medical bills. A lot of doctors have performed pro bonos in order to help those in need who are suffering financially, yet the public is not made aware of this (“SHOULE MEDICAL SOCIETIES REQUIRE DOCTORS TO DO PRO BONO WORK?”). Hospitals can also set up payment plans to help struggling patients find a better way to pay off their bills instead of going into instant debt (Rosato). This helps not only the patient but the doctors and hospitals as well, for the patient can pay off their bills at a steady rate and the doctors and hospitals will not be losing any money. Morally speaking doctors should help those in need even if the patient cannot afford it; however, doctors would be losing money and so would hospitals, so while the patient is benefitting the medical professionals would be at a disadvantage.
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