澳洲护理作业代写 临床领导

2020-08-08 11:20

本文旨在反思和批判性地评价临床6级领导在成人护理中的作用。Borton的发展框架(1970)将是用于构建文章的反思工具。根据Donald Schon的观点,反思是双重的:行动中的反思和行动中的反思。在事件发生时执行的反射称为动作中的反射,而在事件发生后返回的反射称为动作中的反射。行动中的反思发生在当从业者遇到一些令人困惑的事情或遇到一个意外的刺激时,促使他/她去思考或重新设计他/她还在做的事情(Greenwood, 1993)。另一方面,行动上的反思是通过进行认知的事后剖析,将信息转化为知识的行动。在(菲茨杰拉德,1994)的话说,当一个从业者回顾思考实践,通过分析和解释的信息,以发现记忆的知识使用过去的事件,对行动的反思已经发生。Borton在1970年提出的反思框架是一个简单直接的反思模型,它有3个简单的问题,关于要反思的经验是什么,那么是什么,现在是什么。框架工作允许从业者反映没有结构被放置在他或她的面前,这就是为什么许多卫生保健专业人士推荐其应用。在任何涉及人类的研究中,都必须考虑保密、知情同意和匿名等伦理问题。因此,根据护理和助产委员会(NMC, 2015)的协议,这篇基于案例研究的反思文章旨在通过使用假名来保持患者的机密性和隐私。
澳洲护理作业代写 临床领导
This essay aims to reflect on and critically evaluate the role of the clinical band 6 leader in adult nursing. Borton’s development framework (1970) will be the reflective tool used to structure the essay. According to Donald Schon, reflection is twofold: reflection-in-action and reflection-on-action. Reflection carried out when the event is taking place is called Reflection-in-action while reflection that looked back after the event has taken place is reflection -on-action. Reflection in action happens when the practitioner upon encountering something puzzling or encountered a surprise stimulus is made to think or redesign what he/she is doing while it is still in progress (Greenwood, 1993). Reflection-on-action on the other hand is action taken to turn information into knowledge through embarking on a cognitive post-mortem. In the words of (Fitzgerald, 1994), when a practitioner retrospectively contemplates on practice to uncover through the analysis and interpretation of information remembered the knowledge used past events, a reflection on action has taken place.Borton’s 1970 reflective framework is an easy straightforward model of reflection which has 3 easy questions on an experience to be reflected on which is: what, so what, and now what. The frame work allows the practitioner to reflect without the structure being placed in front of him or her which accounts for why many health care professionals recommended its application.It is imperative that ethical issues such as confidentiality, informed consent and anonymity are considered in any study that concerns people. As such and in agreement with Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC, 2015) this reflective essay based on a case study will aim to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of the patient used by adopting a pseudonym throughout. 
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