澳洲悉尼政治essay代写 儿童保护

2020-05-31 01:13

澳洲悉尼政治essay代写 儿童保护
In discussing the positive effects of the policy, early intervention can protect children from harm and improve outcome. When children display risk taking behaviour, strategies can be put in place to act in the best interest of the child and supported to take measured risk. The provision of a framework where agencies and professionals agree to work together will promote consistency. In addition, statutory powers are used to protect the service user, therefore, when a child is likely to suffer significant harm, social workers use their power to remove the child to safety. Although it can be a traumatic experience for both children and parents. However, research indicates that in safeguarding systems disabled children are underrepresented although they face an increased risk of abuse and neglect as evidenced in Working together to safeguard Children,2006 Meanwhile, negative effects can be that relevant knowledge to keeping a child safe could be lost when a child moves from one local authority into another. If relevant information is not shared on a need to know basis, the child’s welfare and safety will be jeorpadised. The potential consequence is the harm that the person at risk comes to because confidentiality can delay sharing information between professionals. Service users lose confidence and public credibility in social workers judgement due to bureaucracy. Risks cannot be eliminated fully by any system.In conclusion, the effectiveness of interventions and compromising the safety of the child can be undermined when assumptions are made for children and families.It has become distinct that social work is forever changing as governments aspire to protect and provide opportunities for all to develop, yet there are underlying challenges in transparency, decision making and multi-agency working. The advantages of the policy in terms of bringing professionals together, identifying the child in terms of his or her needs, giving voice to the child in need and challenging social workers to become more accountable in the discharge of their duties within the stipulated time frame have been numerated. Conflicts between maintaining code of practice and the execution of the policy have been raised. SWs through the policy it has become apparent that discharging their duties is a daunting task and they need to become astute with the policy and to be able to continue to honour their duties.
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