悉尼教育学assignment代写 女性高等教育

2020-07-09 23:15

悉尼教育学assignment代写 女性高等教育
 Better opportunities, higher income, a larger wealth of knowledge… These are just a few of the many reasons that 19 million Americans enroll in college annually. Women make up about 56 percent of that nineteen million, and that number is rising. So why is it that the number of women enrolling in college is increasing? It could be the fact that women are now more able to pursue careers that historically have been male dominated, such as science, engineering, and law. It could also be that simply men are more likely to work in jobs that do not require a college diploma, such as manual labor jobs like manufacturing and construction. With more women pursuing higher education, the question remains: does obtaining higher education in fact close the gender wage gap? In 2016, the wage gap disparity between men and women as a whole narrowed to 81 cents on the dollar earned by a man, up from 57 cents on the dollar in 1975 (“Women Can’t Win). As the age gap has become smaller and smaller, the number of women completing Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Doctoral Degrees has risen. From 1970, the number of bachelor’s degrees obtained by women has increased from 43 percent to 57 percent in 2015 (“Women Can’t Win”). Education has served as the main way for women to catch up to the earnings of men. Interestingly enough, the largest wage gaps exist in the highest paying fields. Over a lifetime, out of men and women who earn graduate degrees in business, women earn $1.6 million less over the course of their careers (“Women Can’t Win”). One reason for this may be that women still take on the majority of caretaking for their children. Studies show that most widening in the wage gap occurs to college graduates in the first seven years after leaving college because that is when families are being formed and mothers must take time away from work (Goldin). As women’s family responsibility increases, women’s advances and wages fall farther behind.
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