澳洲留学生作业代写 多元智能理论

2020-10-13 03:02

多元智能理论推动了目前的研究。加德纳将智力重新定义为在一个文化或社区中解决问题或创造有价值产品的能力。加德纳发现了8种不同的智力形式,它们受到所有人的影响,但程度不同。智力的八个部分分别是语言、逻辑-数学、视觉-空间、身体-动觉、音乐、人际关系、内心和自然主义。“视觉空间智能”的优势:具备这种智能的人擅长将事物形象化。这些人通常擅长定位方向、解释地图、看图表、分析视频和图片。他们喜欢阅读和写作,擅长拼图,擅长理解图片,可视化图形和图表,像绘画,绘画,欣赏视觉艺术,并没有困难地记住模式。他们可能是建筑师、工程师或演员。在我们的一生中,我们面临着许多不同的学习经历。例如,每个人都有不同的学习风格或不同的多元智能。学习的方式是一种方式,通过这种方式,我们可以获得关于我们环境的知识优势。Howard Gardner(1983,1993)介绍了他的“多重智能理论”。多元智能理论是一种基于神经科学实践的智能管理理论。每个人都是独一无二的,所以不是每个人的大脑都以相同的方式工作或行动。我也相信霍华德的理论在学校课程中会非常有用对于一个典型的孩子的发展或有发育障碍的孩子。在过去的几年里,自闭症谱系障碍,一种神经紊乱迅速增加。患有自闭症谱系障碍或任何其他发育障碍的人,在他们的个人学习方式和学校安置方面可能会面临许多困难。然而,Howard(1983)提出的多元智能理论可能对典型个体或发育障碍个体不同的学习方式有所帮助。他认为人类有八种不同的智力。
澳洲留学生作业代写 多元智能理论
The theory of Multiple Intelligence has motivated the present investigation. Gardiner redefined intelligence as an ability to solve the problems or create products of value in a culture or community. Gardiner identified 8 distinct forms of intelligence that are influenced by all people but differ in degrees. The eight bits of intelligence are identified as linguistic, logical-mathematical, visual-spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalist. The asset of ‘Visual-Spatial Intelligence’: the individuals who are good in this type of intelligence are good at visualizing things. These people are usually good with locating directions as well as interpreting maps, following charts, analyzing videos and pictures. They like to read and to write, are good at managing puzzles altogether, great at understanding pictures, visualizing graphs and charts, like drawing, painting, admire visual arts, and remembering patterns without difficulty. They may be in the field of architects, engineers or actors.   During our lifespan, we are faced with many different learning experiences. For instance, every individual has different learning styles or different multiple intelligences. The style of learning is a way by which we can have the advantage of knowledge about our environment. Howard Gardner (1983, 1993) introduced his ‘Theory of Multiple Intelligence’. Multiple Intelligence theory is the management about intelligence which is based on neuroscience practices. Every individual is unique, so not everyone’s brain works or takes action in the same way. I also believe that Howard’s theory will be very useful in the school curriculum for a typical child’s development or for children with the development disability. Within the last few years, Autism Spectrum Disorder, a neurological disorder has increased rapidly. Individuals suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder or any other developmental disabilities may face many difficulties in their personal learning styles and in their school placements. However, the theories of Multiple Intelligence given by Howard (1983) may be helpful for a typical individual or an individual with the developmental disability in their different learning styles. He believed that there are eight different bits of intelligence in humans.
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