澳洲Annotated Bibliography代写 理想工作者

2020-02-24 19:27

本文以理想工作者规范(Bailyn 1993;威廉姆斯1999)。作者认为,影响性别不平等的主要原因是澳大利亚劳动力的理想劳动规范。因此,他们主张性别敏感的管理原则和WLB政策,以改变理想的工人规范。理想的工人规范是全职工作的男性和女性需要跟上他们的职业和照顾他们的家庭。这是有问题的,限制了员工的工作和个人生活。基于“理想工作者规范”的概念,作者向参与者提出了多维的WLB问题。从不同职业中随机选择437名全职工作的女性员工和男性员工参与实验。共有245名男性和192名女性。作者采用定性的方法,对澳大利亚员工的工作和非工作生活的性别认知进行了研究。他们进行了电话采访和在线调查。他们的目标是确保每组样本中至少有40%的女性。他们还通过澳大利亚统计局(ABS)的数据(2009年)获得了这些信息,并与他们的数据进行了比较。然而,他们也意识到这种方法有一定的局限性,因为劳动密集型工人的反应较低。因此,他们还通过一家专业公司在网上收集数据,以获得更多的样本进行分析。
澳洲Annotated Bibliography代写 理想工作者
This paper reviews the gender perceptions of work-life balance(WLB) by using the ideal worker norm (Bailyn 1993; Williams 1999). The authors state that  the main reason which affecting the gender inequity is the ideal worker norm in the workforce in Australia. Therefore, they stand for gender-sensitive management principle and WLB policies to change the ideal worker norm away. The ideal worker norm is that the full-time working male and female need to keep up with their occupation as well as caring for their families. It is problematic and limit the employees working lives and personal lives.Based on the concept ‘ideal worker norm’, the authors asked multidimensional WLB questions to the participants. A total of 437 full-time working women employees and men employees  were randomly selected to participate in the experiment from different occupations. A total of 245 men and 192 women. The authors used a qualitative method to review gender perception of the employees’ working and non-working life in Australia. They had telephone interviews and  an online survey. Their goal was to ensure that each group of sample include at least 40% women. They also gained the information through the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data (2009) to compare with their data. However, they are aware that the approach has certain limitations due to low response from the labour-intensive workers. (i.e. technicians, labourers and machine operators) Thus, they also  collected data  online by a professional company to get more samples to analyse.
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