悉尼护理学作业代写 人口老化

2020-03-04 02:58

悉尼护理学作业代写 人口老化
In Ireland today there are many organisations who are involved in promoting healthy ageing. In recent years there has been a major focus and strategies put in place by these organisations due to our ageing population. These organisations help to promote healthy ageing through a range of services. The main focus of the organisations is to promote healthy ageing through physical, intellectual, emotional and social services. Most of the organisations are voluntary groups.A key purpose of organisations is to promote positive attitudes to ageing as the belief is this can increase the quality of life.  Some organisations provide lifelong learning and education for older people such as training in new technology or computer training. This enables the older person to keep up to date with new advances and equipment and make them more self-reliant. This can also help to keep older people mentally stimulated and an active member of society. It also can help older people to stay connected to family or friends who maybe have moved away through using the new technology for skype or facetime.One of the major issues affecting our ageing population is isolation and loneliness. Most of the organisations provide a range of services to help combat this issue. They provide transport for older people to access social groups and activities in their locality. Some provide home visitation, telephone befriending service, social clubs, day tours and weekends away. This is to ensure that they are still feeling connected and involved in their community. By facilitating these outings and activities older people are staying active and having a varied and enjoyable social life.  It can also be an outlet for older people to reminisce and share life experiences.
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