澳洲悉尼代写assignment 商业组织

2020-03-06 00:53

澳洲悉尼代写assignment 商业组织
Generally, the day to day running of a business organization comprises of several transactions which the firm engages in. As a result, there is a need to always keep the records in a systematic manner for decision making and for reference. Accounting is a systematic way of recording business transactions. The data of all the transactions are recorded and kept mainly for future use. These data are tracked and recorded in a computer-based system (financial accounting system) to facilitate the accuracy of the data. The main users of the accounting information are the shareholders, the creditors, financial analysts, vendors, and government agencies. There are various categories of books and documents in which the accounting information is kept. For instance, the books of original entry which comprises of various journals such as cash journal, general journal, purchase journal, and sales journal; and the source documents like, cash receipts, bank statements, and cash statements.The information from the books of original entries is later posted in the general ledger where financial statements are drafted. A cash flow statement is a financial report keeps the records of the company inflows and outflows of cash. The statement indicates the net change of an organization and helps to detect the liquidity level of a given firm. On this score, the firm owners can be able to notice whether the company is gaining cash or undergoing losses. In case the company experiences more inflow of cash than the outflow, then it is said to have a positive cash flow. A negative cash flow is attained when the there is much outflow of cash than the inflow.
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